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The Beginners Guide to Medical Cannabis by Professor Michael Barnes, explains the difference between medical and recreational cannabis, and how it works. It looks at the many conditions that it can be used to treat, evidence of its effectiveness and gives an honest opinion on its safety. It also tells you how to take medical cannabis, where it is legal to take it and where you can buy it. This book is essential reading for people suffering with chronic illness and for those interested in the history, science and huge potential behind this amazing and underrated plant.
Professor Barnes is a highly experienced consultant neurologist and consultant in rehabilitation medicine. He is an authority on the medical use of cannabis and the author of the 2016 report for All Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform.

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by Enid Taylor ND BSc (Hons) Psych, director of the Taymount Clinic.

Taymount are specialists in gut flora transplants and have put together a book to help our beleaguered microbiomes. Enid says: 'The focus is on our need for diverse gut flora which worldwide, we’re losing thanks to repeated medication and narrower food choices. A healthy microbiome is crucial to a healthy immune system. To keep the gut healthy, we need to feed it. The 50 Foods Challenge offers a fun way to ensure that your microbiota are getting the variety of foods they need to keep them diverse and well-balanced. The book includes background information on the trillionsof good bacteria, viruses and fungi, that live in our gut, diet plans and ways to help fussy eaters. It is not just for adults, kids love the challenge so the whole family can take part.

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Low Histamine Recipe Book – publication August 2018

A companion volume to Dr Janice Joneja's extremely successful Beginner's Guide to Histamine Intolerance. 100 recipes for starters, main dishes, desserts and baking all of which are low histamine and many of which can also be gluten and milk free from Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, author of over a dozen books for those with dietary issues. Paperback and ebook.

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Three years ago Michaela Rose was in constant pain, had dropped to a size 6, could eat fewer than 20 foods, reacted to even the purest <hr>water – and had genuinely started to believe that she might starve to death.
As a natural health practitioner herself, she had tried every approach – but none worked. Finally she started to look beyond her body to her own life experiences and how they had ‘programmed’ her to become chronically hypersensitive.
This book follows her own healing path with detailed instructions and pointers to other helpful books, videos and groups. Paperback and ebook.

Dr Janice Joneja has specialised in the clinical management of histamine sensitivity since the 1990s. Following on from her extemely successful Beginner's Guide, she has now distilled over 20 years of experience into this much more comprehensive, fully referenced guide for health professionals. Included are cases studies, treatment advice including medications, and a full food list. Watch Dr Joneja talking about the book here.
Now available as a paperback as well as an ebook.


Dr Janice Joneja, a world expert on histamine intolerance, has created an easy-to-read guide to help you understand whether you might be histamine intolerant, and, if so, what you can do about it. Paperback and ebook.


Anna Del Conte, the doyenne of Italian cooking and author of nearly 20 books on Italian food, turns her attention to freefrom. Working with Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, freefrom expert and author of more than 10 books on freefrom food, Anna has created both new and classic Italian dishes for those who wish to exclude gluten or dairy from their diet. 
To come: FreeFrom all'Italiana – Dolci
See here for a video of Anna and Michelle talking about the book; see here for videos of Anna and Michelle talking about freefrom Italian antipasti, dolci and local Italian produce.


In this fully revised and updated book, leading ‘free from’ expert and FreeFrom Eating Out Awards Director Michelle Berriedale-Johnson outlines everything caterers, chefs, restaurateurs and other food service providers need to know to boost their food offering to diners on any restricted diet. See here for more on the book and a short video about it.


The FreeFrom Food Awards 10th anniversary book – following the development of 'freefrom' food through the prism of the FreeFrom Food Awards. See here for more on the book and for a short video about it.