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MichelleJust published on Amazon both as an ebook and a paperback

As a natural health consultant, Michaela Rose had spent nearly three decades helping thousands of people, both one to one and in groups. But three years ago her own long standing food ‘intolerances’ which had already resulted in IBS, mouth sores, migraine, chronic fatigue and muscle pain, TMJ disorder, and adrenal and hormonal dysfunction, got out of hand. She was in constant pain, had dropped to a size 6, could eat fewer than 20 foods, reacted to even the purest water – and had genuinely started to believe that she might starve to death.

In desperation she finally started to look beyond her body to her own life experiences and how they might have ‘programmed’ her to become chronically hypersensitive.

She delved back into her traumatic childhood to discover how early life experiences can imprint themselves on the subconscious setting a pattern of reaction and counter reaction which eventually manifest themselves, often many years later, in physical malfunctions of any and every sort.

Using mind-body medicine and brain retraining techniques she has gradually restored herself to health and now focuses her practice on trauma-triggered illness, hypersensitivity disorders and unresolving chronic illness. 

Her 8 Step Healing Plan follows her own healing path with detailed instructions and pointers to other helpful books, videos and groups.

As she says:

I have written this Healing Plan for you if you have a chronic illness that isn't getting better using the normal interventions eg: Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Multiple sensitivity, Anxiety disorders, Chronic pain or Stress and trauma-triggered illness. I have spent many years as a medical nutritionist working with people on the functional side of what may have gone wrong with them. Is it their adrenals, methylation status, an allergy, a nutrient deficiency? And on the search usually goes. This works for many, many people, but what happens when someone has what I call an ‘unresolving chronic illness’ that just isn’t responding to normal mainstream or alternative treatment? And what if those people can’t tolerate the stuff to help and have ‘avoided’ so many foods (and possibly chemicals and even life!) that they are now left with an extremely restricted diet, a joyless life, a skinny backside and are still not getting better? That’s what happened to me. And that’s why I wrote this book. 

Just published on Amazon both as an ebook and a paperback