Freefrom Food and the Awards – 10 Years On

Following the development of freefrom through the prism of the FreeFrom Food Awards

Ten years ago – a tiny cottage industry; today – a multi-millionpound business!

Championed by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltow, Victoria Beckham and Novak Djokovic, freefrom food has grabbed both consumer and industry headlines with unprecedented year-on-year growth.

And the FreeFrom Food Awards have grown with the industry. Setting a standard for excellence and raising awareness in the wider world – a FreeFrom Food Award is now the ultimate accolade for the hundreds of companies, big and small, creating and selling freefrom food.

This book tells the story of freefrom through the awards. Told through interviews with all of those involved – the judges, the sponsors and the winners – from one person businesses to the supermarket giants. And illustrated with photos from the very first awards presentation in 2008, upstairs at celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson’s Notting Grill restaurant, to today’s glamourous gathering of hundreds of freefrom experts.


Buying the book

The book costs £9.99 from good book shops or from Amazon but you can buy it direct from us for £7.99 including postage! Just email us with your mailing address and how many books your would like. We will post them to you and email you an invoice.