PurseThe 50 Foods Challenge: Feed your microbiome and improve your gut health
by Enid Taylor ND BSc (Hons) Psych, director of the Taymount Clinic.
Taymount are specialists in gut flora transplants and have put together a book to help our beleaguered microbiomes. Enid says: 'The focus is on our need for diverse gut flora which worldwide, we’re losing thanks to repeated medication and narrower food choices. A healthy microbiome is crucial to a healthy immune system. To keep the gut healthy, we need to feed it. The 50 Foods Challenge offers a fun way to ensure that your microbiota are getting the variety of foods they need to keep them diverse and well-balanced. The book includes background information on the trillions of good bacteria, viruses and fungi, that live in our gut, diet plans and ways to help fussy eaters. It is not just for adults, kids love the challenge so the whole family can take part.

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