Anna del Conte

Anna Del Conte has spent five decades writing about Italian food from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, and from the foothills of the Alps to tip of the Italian toe. Her many books are as authoritative a source as you will find on classic Italian food, and are not only a pleasure to cook from, but a delight to read.

At the age of 91, Anna could be excused for declining to experiment with the new gluten and milk-free ingre­dients that are flooding the market, but on the contrary, she has taken up the challenge with a will. The recipes in FreeFrom Italiana are a combination of classic recipes that are either naturally freefrom or have been adapted to be so with new recipes designed for the many new, gluten-free pastas available.

To hear Anna talking about Italian food go the the FreeFrom all'Italiana site.

For all of Anna's books see her Amazon page here.