About Us

Berrydale Books has grown out of the FoodsMatter website which, for many years, has offered information on food allergy and intolerance a wide range of related conditions.

Berrydales Books' small but growing catalogue focuses on relatively obscure health issues. We commission experts in the field to guide the layman to a better understanding of the conditions and, where possible, offer management strategies that may make the sufferer's life easier.

Both FoodsMatter and Berrydales Books are entirely independent. They are funded by the sale of books and by the FreeFrom Food, Eating Out and Skincare Awards.

Our People

Michelle Berriedale-Johnson (Director)

Sally Beck (Commissioning Editor)

Michelle Berriedale-Johnson

Michelle Michelle has been involved with food sensitivity for nearly 30 years, ever since her baby son was diagnosed with milk intolerance.
Since then she has run a magazine and written a number of books on food allergy/intolerance, devised over 1,000 'freefrom' recipes and started the FreeFrom Awards.
She also edits the FoodsMatter site and runs an active blog at www.michellesblog.co.uk

You can contact Michelle by email here.


Sally Beck

CressidaSally is a freelance health writer and human interest journalist and author. With six books to her name, she writes for all of the UK's leading newspapers and magazines and is a 'fledgling documentary maker'.

See her website for more details

We are delighted to have her join Berrydales Books as our first commissioning editor.

You can contact Sally by email here.