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The Beginners Guide to Medical Cannabis by Professor Michael Barnes, explains the difference between medical and recreational cannabis, and how it works. It looks at the many conditions that it can be used to treat, evidence of its effectiveness and gives an honest opinion on its safety. It also tells you how to take medical cannabis, where it is legal to take it and where you can buy it. This book is essential reading for people suffering with chronic illness and for those interested in the history, science and huge potential behind this amazing and underrated plant.
Professor Barnes is a highly experienced consultant neurologist and consultant in rehabilitation medicine. He is an authority on the medical use of cannabis and the author of the 2016 report for All Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform.

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Berrydales Books offers a select list of consumer titles focused on poorly recognised, little understood and hard to treat health conditions - and the tried and tested therapies that have proved helpful in managing them. Written by experts in their field and evidence based, the books offer insight into the conditions and their treatments. 

We also publish books detailing innovative therapies used to treat recognised and chronic conditions that do not respond well to conventional approaches.

Written by experts who have proven track records in allopathic medicine. If you are suffering with a hard to treat condition, reading others' experiences can be invaluable. Berrydales Books publishes personal stories detailing journeys to wellness that can inspire your own route back to good health.

The books come as e-books and in paperback and are available exclusively through Amazon.
Conditions already covered or in preparation include:

  • Histamine intolerance
  • Recovery from chronic illness
  • Maintaining a healthy gut microbiome
  • Medical use of cannabis
  • Helminthic therapy
  • Electrosensitivity
  • Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD)
  • Vegan, gluten-free and freefrom recipes

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